A wild cat rather than a Garfield


                There are two things you need to know about me. First, I am Don Mica Calimbo, Mica for short. But my friends pronounce it as “My-ca” because they say it sounds better. At home they call me Hershey not because my skintone is like that of chocolate but because  they didn’t want to call me Strawberry which was their first choice for naming me. They were afraid people might call me “Berry”for short, or worst “Straw”and they think it would be awful and weird.

                Second, I live with my parents in 13 Quezon Blvd. Cebu City, Philippines. I have three little boys after me since I am the eldest. In addition to that, we have one common denominator; All of us love the family cat, Wuffy.

                I decided to create this soon-to-be-awesome blog because I want to share to the world most especially parents and grown-ups about my experiences as a cat lover and a teenager and will get to know me more. They’ll also probably get a hint of how teenagers behave hopefully, they’ll will understand them. Readers will also find unusual but interesting and informative topics.

                Living my life, taking risks and doing what makes me genuinely happy, this is what my blog will be blabbering about. Because unlike a cat, I can’t have all the chances, oppurtunities and second time around’s in the world.


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