The Cat’s third life

I did not remember what I ate for lunch last Tuesday but I did remember the moment I stepped on that home base. It was during UP intramurals 2012 when I played softball for ArtsComm Bullets. I can never forget that breathtaking moment when I bit my lip as I stepped on that big ass of a plate.

                The weather was hot and I was feeling nervous. Because the batter before me already had three strikes and that is equivalent to an out. So I tried to calm myself down because I was shaking so bad I almost felt like I was going to drop the heavy aluminum bat. “You can do this Mikey. Eyes on the ball” I whispered to myself while going into position.

 My legs were two feet apart, my knees bent and body slightly leaning forward. I wrapped the bat with my two hands and held it over my rear shoulder.  My sweat trickled down my forehead as I waited for the pitcher to deliver the ball. Then came the moment when she threw the ball with accuracy. I swung the bat with power and confidence that I might hit the ball, but it turned out that I wasn’t able to hit it.

“Steeerike!”, the umpire called as I looked down with disappointment. I had only two strikes left and if I fail for the third time I’m out. I positioned myself again, wiped off the sweat on my eyebrows as it was distracting me. For the second time I missed the ball.

I growled silently because I was frustrated.I asked myself , why can’t I hit the ball? It was big and yellow, how could I even miss it? But I still had a third chance, my last card. As I went back to position I calmed myself mentally and spiritually. I looked at the ball and tried to imagine that it was an enemy way back when I was high school. I tried to think that I have waited for this moment wherein I could hit her so hard it’d send her light years away.

I did the sign of the cross hastily to make sure God was with me. The pitcher delivered and this time t’was fast. I swung the bat and “PING!”. The ball flew upward but not too high though. The first baser opened her mitts and was so sure she could catch my ball. But she missed it so I threw the bat away and ran as fast as I can to the first base then to the second base, to the third and finally stepped on what I thought of was a shining piece of plate waiting for me.

I did it, I did a home run for the first time. I was feeling ecstatic as my team mates approached me with faces of success and happiness. All of them where cheering but I couldn’t hear anything but the voice in my head: “You did it”. I felt really happy right after . Because of this I slept at 1:oo a.m. in the morning just thinking about the experience. It definitely unforgettable not even Alzheimer’s can wipe it away from my memory.