On Cat nips and Bones


Everybody is confused on which specie to have as a pet: a cat? Or a dog? This can start a war between dog owners and cat owners. But the real question is, which is better?


Dogs and cats are the most common household pets. Sure a hamster, a fish, a turtle, or an exotic snake will do as a pet, but no pets can be as cozy as cats and dogs. Plus, they are most likely to be tamed than that of the other animals. Despite their differences, these furry friends have a lot in common. Aside from being mammals, both species are domesticated. They can also be attached to owners especially when they are always taken care of. Both cats and dogs need love and affection and when they give it back to their owners, it will surely melt their persons heart.


On their differences, let’s start off with man’s best friend, the dog. They are servants of their persons or owners and this is the reason why dogs are capable of being trained with tricks. They can fetch, roll over, play dead, jump, stand on their legs and a lot more tricks when trained well. Dogs get more attached to their humans than any other animal can be. They are also protective to their owners and can most likely save you from harm even in the water that’s why they’re used for the police. When their owners get home, dogs greet them with wagging tails, tongues out and ears bent over ready to lick their owners showing their happiness to their masters. However, dogs will need to have a lot of maintenance. For big dogs, owners will have to feed them big bowls of food thus, big stools will come out when it’s time for them to poop. Speaking of poop, if trained as a puppies, it would take 1-2 weeks for them to learn how to poop in the spot. When visitors come inside the house, dogs tend to go crazy. They bark loudly, leap around, jump on newcomers, growl or worst, even bite the people they think are aliens to the house. Due to high domestication, dogs lost their abilities to hunt like their cousin fox and wolves and this is why owners need to walk them regularly if there is time. When left alone, dogs can turn a living room into somewhere a group of teenagers must have had a slumber party. They chew on sofa’s, pillows, socks, clothes, or on almost everything. Dogs are hype and when they don’t have anything to do, they’ll most likely rip off the pillow cases and have fun with the insides. See those balls behind dogs? they are just ugly. Although they can be removed, it will cost money and of course, it will also result infertility. Dogs also need frequent baths because they easily smell due to the secretions they produce.


The pet that is said to have nine lives– the cat. According to animal.discovery.com, they treat guests politely and would rather observe visitors from afar. Cats bathe themselves because they are basically afraid of the water and don’t even try tossing a cat into a lake. This is also the reason why they don’t smell right away and why they smell good. Cat’s are in the felidae or feline family which means they are related to lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and jaguars. Which also means they are born with natural hunting skills. Their skills in hunting make them more independent than any other household pet because even if they are left alone without food, they will feed themselves. Cats are no doubt, quieter than dogs (unless the dogs breed is Basenji, a dog that could not bark). They don’t meow at newcomers instead, they just hide somewhere inconspicuous like under the table or on their bed. Cats don’t need to be leashed because they don’t need walks. They are contented to be somewhere warm like on a pillow or on the bed even on a sunny day. A stroke on the back, a scratch behind the ears, under the chin or on the neck will make a cat purr and this signifies the the cat is happy. They don’t need to act wildly, lick the owners cheeks or bark for food. Cat’s prefer to purr because it gives the owners a massage like sensation when their neck vibrates and this is their way of begging. They are easily potty trained for litter box unlike any other pet. However, cats can cause asthma to those who are very prone of the attack. They also tell you to “pet me, slave” that’s why they tend to be lazy, sleepy and wouldn’t care if someone just passed by. When left alone with no toy, they will play on your drapes, scratch on furnitures and will them with ugly scratch marks. Was there any police carrying a leashed cat with them? No, because cat’s are independent and would most likely run away if the owner is in danger.


So which is better? The feline or the canine? It actually depends on the type of pet owner. If they’re seeking for energetic and strong bonds, the dog is on duty. If they need neat and quiet affection or companion, the cat it is. There is nothing to compete for on which pet is more appropriate because the pets behavior always depends on how they are treated and how they are mistreated.




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