Social Ladders

They look like that one big, red pimple you have on your face. They act like the allergies that are itchy. They are simply annoying. Social climbers or elitists are easy to pinpoint because they stand out from the crowd in an ugly, hideous way.


Social climbers try so hard to gain friends. Not just friends but the ones who are very known by pretty much everybody and who are really cool to be friends with. Social climbers will do everything to be one of the elite or to be on top even if it means stepping on others or ditching their old loyal and friends for popular peers. They do not know that while they think they’re on their way up, they’re actually bringing themselves down. Most of the social climbers are boastful about their material things to fit in the rich,popular crowd.


Elitists make friends for what they have. May it be they wealth, social status and looks.

They sometimes follow your fashion sense to then again, fit in but unconsciously making themselves hated for being an elitist. Social climbers who aim to be one of the elite think they know everything about fashion but cannot even pronounce Louis Vuitton right.


They do not notice it but they are already hated because of their irritating actions and inconsiderate decisions on leaving their friends for the famous. These elitists are to be confronted right away when you feel like they already act like one. Whatever they want to achieve for their social status, they are not gaining but instead they are losing a lot from friends to reputation. 


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